Thursday, February 3, 2011

Epic Kitesurfing Week

I have to comment on the great kitesurfing this week.
All winter I have been unable to surf because of a neck injury. It has been another great surfing winter for Maui,so I have been sitting on the sideline hearing almost everyday about what I am missing.
Finally the wind and waves lined up this week and I was in heaven! It was sessions to die for with large beautiful waves lining up at The Boneyards and ....You Know. Many turns were had by all and many smiling faces out there!!
Also, a week of carnage for the kiteboarders with Steve S. winning the prize for the most damaged kite I have ever seen! It was so bad we decided not to fix it! Max was second place with 2 huge rips from LE to TE! Then Tal S a close third with the same.
Too bad I didn't get any pics, I guess I was just too busy having fun!